Pros and Cons of Outsourcing in Pampanga vs Manila

The Philippines has become one of the most popular destinations for multinational companies to outsource their services. The relatively low cost of living, cheap labor and large workforce of English speaking college graduates continues to influence more and more investors to be apart of the ever growing Philippines BPO industry. While there may be outsourcing […]

Why is Pampanga the Fastest Growing BPO Destination of the Philippines?

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is the Philippines most profitable source of income and is the number one factor of the steady growth to their economy. The success of the BPO industry can be accredited to how Filipinos culture and education are inlined with the typical jobs that are outsourced. Since the late 1990’s […]

New York-Based Call Center to Expand and Hire Again

One of the known contact centers here in Clark, Pampanga has finally announced the construction of another facility within their 32,000 square foot property. iQor Philippines is expected to hire no less than 700 more employees to fill this soon-to-be-built extension. According to the president and chief executive officer of iQor in NewYork, Vinas Kapoor, […]

IT Outsourcing Clark Air Base Angeles City

The IT industry in the Philippines can be called a sleeping giant. There are many talented web developer and programmers in the country but not given any chance to enhance better or worse to even practice their profession in a more challenging environment. BPO and IT Outsourcing in the Philippines Good thing Business Process Outsourcing […]

Pampanga Call Center Industry Growing North Rail Coming to Pampanga

Business  Process Outsourcing is probably one of the biggest industries in the Philippines nowadays. It is thriving and has become more attractive in many reasons that the foreign BPO investors are eager to invest more for company expansions. Most of the call center buildings can be found in Metro Manila but it seems congestion has […]

Pampanga Call Center Industry Growing

For the last ten years, Pampanga’s economic development has been continuously growing on very fast pace. Even after a series of natural calamities like volcano eruption, major flash floods and volcanic ashes, burying almost every establishments; Pampanga locals (Kapampangans) kept their feet on the ground and have done the impossible to be one of the […]