Pros and Cons of Outsourcing in Pampanga vs Manila

The Philippines has become one of the most popular destinations for multinational companies to outsource their services. The relatively low cost of living, cheap labor and large workforce of English speaking college graduates continues to influence more and more investors to be apart of the ever growing Philippines BPO industry.

While there may be outsourcing companies popping up all over the country it is still Manila and Pampanga that are the most popular. The government continues to make tremendous improvements to the infrastructure in these areas and even provides tax breaks and incentives to the foreign businesses operating there.

Despite the similarities in the two cities there is still quite a difference between them and it could make the difference in choosing the best place for outsourcing. Here is a quick review of the pros and cons when it comes to talent pool, operating costs and quality of life between the top two destinations for outsourcing in the Philippines.

Talent Pool

  • Manila. With 71,000 people per square meter, Manila is the world’s most densely populated city. By pure numbers alone the city is bound to be the best option for finding the most talented Filipinos. There are more than 300 colleges in the capital city with almost 200,000 new graduates every year.
  • Pampanga. While the workforce is nowhere near as large as it is in Manila, Pampanga does have more than enough available talent. The competition for the available talent is limited which makes it quite easy to find the right person for the required position.

Operating Costs

  • Pampanga. The most popular reason for outsourcing is to reduce costs and Pampanga definitely provides the opportunity to do just that. The minimum wage is below $8 per day, office space leases for less than $8 per square meter and there are foreign business tax incentives for companies operating in Pampanga’s Clark Freeport Zone.
  • Manila. Costs in the capital city are higher than the rest of the country which is common for most places around the world. The lack of available space have risen lease rates to over $15 per square meter. While the minimum wage is just $10 per day it is very unlikely to find talent suitable for the BPO industry at that rate due to the competition willing to offer higher salaries.

Quality of Life

  • Manila. Being located in the capital city comes with a lot of benefits when it comes to quality of life. The quality of shopping malls and hotels are unmatched and the international airport gives access to any destination in the world. Everything originates in Manila and then as it proves to be popular will start to be offered in other areas of the Philippines.
  • Pampanga. Over the last 5 years Pampanga has really started to develop their infrastructure and offer most of the benefits of what could be found in Manila. The cost of living is cheaper and there are plenty of newly built western type houses and apartments. Shopping malls, business districts and places of entertainment are being developed at astronomical rates. There is even an international airport that continues to get bigger and is constantly adding more destinations.

When it comes to outsourcing in the Philippines most companies will still choose Manila over Pampanga since it is more developed. With this comes a lot of traffic and heavy saturation of office space which drives prices up. Companies looking to take advantage of the true cost savings when outsourcing should consider operating out of Pampanga.


Why is Pampanga the Fastest Growing BPO Destination of the Philippines?

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is the Philippines most profitable source of income and is the number one factor of the steady growth to their economy. The success of the BPO industry can be accredited to how Filipinos culture and education are inlined with the typical jobs that are outsourced. Since the late 1990’s the Philippines has been one of the go to locations for foreign investors to setup a BPO company.

Initially these new BPO companies were only looking to occupy space in Manila’s major business hubs since they had the more downtown look with busy streets, places to dine and retail establishments. It was quickly evident that Manila was already way too saturated and the rent and labor costs would almost defeat the purpose of setting up overseas.

The last few years BPO companies have been locating to suburban areas like Pampanga to take advantage of the cheaper labor, lower real estate costs and lower overall cost of living. The recent advancements in infrastructure to Clark Freeport Zone and SM City Clark has resulted in Pampanga being the fastest growing BPO destination in the Philippines.

Why Pampanga is the Best BPO Location

  • Infrastructure. Clark Development Corporation (CDC) has recently attributed $925 million dollars to complement the developments of the BPO hubs New Clark City, Clark Global City and Clark International Airport. This includes additional roads, entertainment complexes, public transportation additions and improvements to all of the freeports utility services.
  • Workforce. The number of BPO workers in Pampanga continues to steadily increase at an average rate of 18% each of the last 5 years. Pampanga has an English literacy rate of 94% and more than 60% of their college graduates have degrees in Business Administration or Information Technology type fields which makes the labor pool ideal for BPO companies looking to hire. Typical employment wages are about half of what they are in Manila.
  • Real Estate. Pampanga is best known for its state-of-the-art yet affordable office spaces that are readily available. BPO companies looking to get their foot in the door can rent a turnkey fully equipped office for less than $500 per month. Completed buildings can be leased at around $12 per square meter which is definitely very cost-effective considering buildings in Manila’s BPO hubs are going for about $20 per square meter.
  • Tax Benefits. Foreign-owned businesses are granted fiscal and non-fiscal incentives from the Philippines government. These tax breaks are imposed on income taxes, import duties, value-added tax and exempt from the local fees and taxes from the local government. Some of these tax incentives were recently removed for foreign businesses located in Manila.

With so many global investors looking to start their expansion opportunities outside of congested Metro Manila it was just a matter of time until a single location would be the most attractive. With its modern infrastructures and competitive labour pools, Pampanga is now the fastest growing BPO destination in the Philippines.

Angeles City Office Space for Lease

The Location
clark-300x225Our office space is located at the hub of the commercial and business heart of Angeles City. It just a stone’s throw to SM Clark shopping center, in which the staffs and the management can dine, chill, watch movies and shop to the biggest mall in the city. The good thing about its location, it is very near to the famous former United States Air Force Base in the Philippines called “Clark Air Base” which is now named as Clark Freeport Zone. In which, there are numerous industrial companies, five-star hotels, leisure activities situated inside the freeport zone. Added to that, is the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport that caters domestic and international flights.

The Building

Last December 2011, the new state of the art building was just completed by using only the finest and strong materials in constructing it to lasts a lifetime. It is a two story building with spacious workstations, restrooms, conference rooms and a pantry with complete kitchen appliances. In regards with safety and security, the building is equipped with several CCTV security cameras installed around the building and with 24 hours on duty guard.

Ready to Work

We provide the finest computer equipment and facilities to operate your BPO business. The company provides the following for you.workstation-in-Data-Info-Core-Inc-1024x682

  • Workstation – equipped with brand new management style chairs, computers, flat screened LCD monitor, headset and spacious space.
  • State of the art computers – Quad core i5 processors,8 MB L3 cache, DDR3-800/1066/1333 memory and DMI 2.5 GT/s.
  • IT Infrastructure – Juniper Enterprise Router (Full License) 1 Firewall, VoIP Servers, Webservers 3000 Mhz, up to 15 to 17 Quad Core Processors Database, 2 10MB PLDT lines,4 Vici predictive dialers.
  • Biometric Scanner – a new way of time tracking attendance for each employee.
  • Power Backup – equipped with 125 KW generator, that will supply electricity because of power interruption.
  • Admin Management – staffed with professional personnel in giving support and assistance to employees and to the business.
  • IT Support – always ready to provide assistance in terms of technical issues.

Angeles City or the City of Friendship is now evolving into a highly urbanized city, next to Manila. It is the culinary hub of the Philippines and one of the prime entertainment metropolises in the country. Due to its multi-national industries and top investment opportunities, local and foreign investors came to Angeles City and established different kinds of businesses such as hotels, resorts, malls, manufacturing companies, bars & clubs, restaurants and Business Process Outsourcing companies.

Investing in Business Process Outsourcing

If you are an investor planning to venture into BPO in the Philippines, the right thing to start your business is to seat lease. Seat leasing is the best choice for newbie in the telecommunication industry. You can save a lot in your operational costs without investing too much in infrastructure, furniture, computers, software and other equipments needed for the business. A seat leasing company will provides all the necessary equipments and office space you needed to operate your contact center.

Office Space for Lease

Data-Info-Core-Inc-1024x764There are numerous seat leasing corporation located inAngeles City. However, choosing the excellent company to transact business with, might be hardest thing to do, because they are like mushrooms that grew in every corners of the city. You might be bothered what would be the greatest company to choose from among these various seat leasing companies.

Angeles City Office Space, Inc is an American owned Filipino corporation that provides services such as Seat Leasing, IT Outsourcing, Call Center Outsourcing and BPO Consulting with professional management that will help your company for smooth operation. The company has a widespread experience in call center services, web and software development, marketing list, IT, search engine optimization, data services and list management.

In regards with seat leasing, it offers two types which are the warm seat and cold seat. Warm Seat Lease has services in providing the workstation, equipments, recruiting and training of newly hired employees, payroll and other HR responsibilities. However in Cold Seat Lease, office space and equipment are the only services provided.

Call Center Lead Generation VS Internet Leads

A business does not only transact with consumers. It also sometimes transacts with other businesses. The collection of data and information regarding a potential client for a business deal is referred to as a B2B Lead.

Two Types of B2B Leads

internet-leads1. Internet Leads

These used to be the only option when it comes to trading leads. These are also called online leads are generated through various methods. Common sources are mailing lists, opt-in box data, surveys.

2. Call Center Leads

These are also known as telemarketing leads and are described as the evolution of internet leads. These leads are obtained by a telemarketer through online conversations with consumers.

The Flaws Internet Leads

b2b-leads-150x150Unreliability is the biggest flaw of internet leads. This is because they are usually unverified and have chances to either contain the wrong information or not contain enough information. Many internet users do not like giving their personal information on the internet and hence practice the use of false information when filling up forms on websites. Many are also too lazy to bother providing detailed info. Hence, users of internet leads may end up contacting a person that has no interest in the product or service their company is selling. Or they might also end up trying to call someone who does not exist. Internet leads are also often non-exclusive which means those sold to you may also have been sold to your competitors. All these factors lead to a very low conversion rate.

Call Center Leads > Internet Leads

call-center-leads-150x150Call Center Leads generally cost more than internet leads by the added price is well worth the added value you will be receiving. First of all, they are reliable because call center agents have personally talked over the phone to the prospects to verify important information. Telemarketers are often even able to extract additional data such as income, dependents, financial position, etc. The more details contained in a lead, the higher its quality becomes. Telemarketing leads are also exclusive. The buying company is the one to provide the criteria which consumers need to meet before the agents can consider them good leads. Exclusive high quality leads will definitely give you a huge competitive advantage.

Buy Call Center Leads in Pampanga offers high quality lead generation telemarketing services. It is located in the center of today’s hottest call center location in the Philippines – the global leader in business process outsourcing. The company allows clients to specify the information they need to be contained in each lead. All leads will be considered exclusive and will not be sold to any other individual or business entity. You can get call center leads with a very high prospect-to-client conversion rate by just paying $8 per hour for each telemarketer.

New York-Based Call Center to Expand and Hire Again

iQor-PhilippinesOne of the known contact centers here in Clark, Pampanga has finally announced the construction of another facility within their 32,000 square foot property. iQor Philippines is expected to hire no less than 700 more employees to fill this soon-to-be-built extension.

According to the president and chief executive officer of iQor in NewYork, Vinas Kapoor, they expect to increase the facility, workforce and revenues as this facility arises. They also plan to reach a minimum of 2,500 employees in total before the year ends.

The company is known to have outsourced here in the Philippines in 2005, with their first contact center located in Metro Manila. Not long after, they have expanded to another central business district, Clark Pampanga, with only about 50 employees. And now, they plan to hire about 300 employees before this year ends.

IT Outsourcing Clark Air Base Angeles City

The IT industry in the Philippines can be called a sleeping giant. There are many talented web developer and programmers in the country but not given any chance to enhance better or worse to even practice their profession in a more challenging environment.

BPO and IT Outsourcing in the Philippines

desktop-programming-angeles-cityGood thing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is booming. The number of IT related companies from US, Europe and Australia managed to keep these dreams of young IT graduates going. Information Technology outsourcing helped not just those new graduates, but the unemployed which in this country are too many.

The number of IT related companies outsourced in the Philippines is continuously growing over the past 10 years. In fact, even big business such as MSN-Microsoft is outsourced here in the country. That being said, the number of graduates leaving the country also mitigated unlike before. Now they can work under big companies on their home country – the Philippines.

Some of the Top IT related companies outsourced to the Philippines:

  • Adobe Systems
  • AOL
  • Convergys
  • Dell Computer Support
  • Digital Information Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • InfoSys
  • Intel
  • Intuit
  • Motorolla
  • NEC Center
  • Oracle
  • Schlumberger
  • Siemens
  • Sykes
  • Syntel
  • Texas Instruments
  • Trend Micro
  • Wipro

Desktop Programmers in the Philippines

web-programmer-300x295There are many great desktop programmers in the Philippines, but before we tackle this topic I would like to introduce to you what is the definition of desktop programming. Desktop programming is often misunderstood by many people. Desktop programming means creating software or a system that is intended for computers not on the internet like website and scripts.

Many Filipino desktop programmers made a name for themselves because of the uniqueness and depth of the program. But the most important factor in creating a desktop program or system is its usefulness, its significant functions that can make a business process automated or make the work easier and faster.

The Philippines is considered one of the most sought after country when it comes to outsourcing desktop programmers. They provide small and big business around the world dependent on the system that they are developing and profitable. The most common computer languages and tools used by Filipinos in desktop programming are the Following:

C Language and C++

C and C++ are probably considered the most common, easiest and reliable computer language in the world. Despite of their popularity only few can really create a desktop program that can effectively make the business fully dependent on the system and Filipinos are very good at this programming language.

Microsoft Access

microsoft-philippines-300x201This is a wonderful tool is package in Microsoft Office yet it can create a wonderful desktop program. Many small and medium sized businesses in the Philippines uses a develop system with MS Access. Not only it is easy to make forms in MS Access, databases can easily be integrated within the system. MS Access has a wizard that can make developing a system or software with ease. Its user can switch between manual database integration to MS SQL Server.




java-programmers-philippines-300x225Java runs on almost every platform in the world and because of this Filipinos are mastering the art of programming using this tool. Majority of the banks from around the world has Java running on their banking system. MISYS is one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines that provide the best Java programmers in the world. Most of the best Java programmers in the world for banking systems are from the Philippines. Why Java is a powerful programming language because it can be run on many types of computer systems.  If the interpreter of this program is really good, it can be use whether windows, Macintosh or Linux systems which makes it a candidate for the best desktop programming language in the world.


Long before Filipino web developers and designers learned about  the use of the internet and its demand, desktop programming is in demand. In the Philippines, computer schools such as AMA, STI and Systems Plus teach students on how to make their own desktop programs. But that all changed when the demand for web designers reached high demands. This opportunity should not let be passed and so Web Designers is up on the streamline which we will tackle on the next paragraphs.

Filipino Web Designers

After the great demand of outsourcing companies for desktop programmers, web designers are up next. Some say Filipinos are born artists, and that they are really good in creating professional and jaw dropping websites.

I am not exaggerating when I mentioned jaw dropping because in reality many wordpress templates on the internet are made by Filipinos. And this attracted many outsourcing business that not only Indians are good in Web designing but Filipinos as well. A plus factor when hiring a Filipino to do your website is they are more diligent and the cost is much cheaper but the quality is next to none.

Most common Web Designing Tools By Filipinos

Adobe Systems – Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator are the most common used applications by Filipinos in creating a wonderfully crafted website. This tool and talent of Filipino web designers helped many businesses from around the world to get loyal customers and new visitors. Other web designers uses Corel Draw for their projects but still uses other Adobe applications because of the vast number of people that are more familiar with such applications.

Clean, professional websites by experienced Filipino Web Designers

The Philippines provide web designers that are world class artists and very good listeners. Even those working home-based are cannot be regarded as less talented because they can also deliver good quality projects to their clients and Filipinos are known to be very good home-based workers.

Web designers in Clark and Angeles City

PHP-Programmer-Angeles-City-291x300Because of the large number of IT-related outsourcing companies in the Philipines some of them are located in regional parts of the country such as Angeles City. In Angeles where Business Process Outsourcing is soaring and considered the best place to outsource provides web designers that are world class and equally talented than those in business central hubs such as Makati.

In a short interview with a 21 year-old young PHP programmer of Data Info Core in Angeles City, Ramjie Paras. He mentioned that web designers, ASP and PHP programming are equally talented with those in Manila and Makati. Ramjie is responsible for the websites of Data Info core in terms of web design and database management.

PHP programmers in Angeles City and Clark and are talented that can compete in a world stage of web designing. We are much cheaper than those in Manila but we can deliver project just as good”, said Ramjie.

He also mentioned that what web designers are learning from their projects are also available to him so they are equally skilled in terms of creating clean and artistic websites.

Pampanga, Philippines – Becoming an Important Hub for IT outsourcing


Clark Special Economic Zone plays an important role that attracts outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Pampanga is rising on its own as the next stop to consider for outsourcing a business.

Many IT outsourcing companies are already in Clark Air Base, Angeles City and San Fernando Pampanga. Their number are less than those in the major business centers in Makati but IT outsourcing is still young in Pampanga but continuously growing every year. In fact, many investors and clients go straight in Angeles City to establish or outsource their business. If you are one of these aspiring businesses and wanted to have skilled web designers and programmers to work on your business, you might want to consider contacting Data Info Core.

North Rail Coming to Pampanga

Pampanga prides itself with a growing business process outsourcing industry. It has a lot to offer when it comes to call center businesses that’s why more foreign investors are fascinated with the idea of putting up their venture here. Now that a huge railway project is on its way, Pampanga might secure a better position in the global outsourcing market. Here we will discuss the ongoing first phase North rail project and how this can make Pampanga one of the most attractive locations for BPO businesses.

Philippine North Railways Project

Manila Clark Rapid Railway System (MCRS) aspires to create a first class train line system that would travel at 100 to 130 kilometers per hour and would also be equipped with advancing potential of superior speeds and facilities. Once the project is completed, it is anticipated that it would ease congestion in Metro Manila. The project is expected to prompt dispersal of Manila’s population towards Central Luzon and, possibly, Northern Luzon.

With the anticipated decrease in travel time as well as lower costs of living, employees and students in Manila may be attracted to live in Central Luzon. The project centers at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) and around stations. Most call centers in Pampanga are situated in Clark Freeport Zone which is the location of DMIA. Outsourcing businesses in CFZ are thriving and are expected to grow continuously.

North Rail Project Phase 1

According to North Luzon Railways Corporation, the design and civil works for the North Rail project phase 1 started in October 2007. The project entails the construction of a 76.60 kilometers rail line with double track narrow gauge. The rail will be in between Caloocan City to Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ), Pampanga. This railway project aims to reopen rail service to the North and to make Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) the regional center for logistics in Asia Pacific. It will be the key to shift some of the air traffic in Metro Manila to DMIA.

Sections of Train Line Project Phase 1

Section 1: Caloocan City – Malolos, Bulacan (31.93 kilometers)
Section 2: Malolos, Bulacan – Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga (44.14 kilometers)

North Rail Project Information

  • Implementing Agency: North Rail Corporation under the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA)
  • Implementation Mode: Former China National Machinery and Equipment Group (CNMEG), now known as Sinomach manages the contract, design and construction. Consultancy aspect will be carried out by Systra-ESCA-SPI on a joint undertaking.

According to Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC) Secretary Mar Roxas II, the contractor for the project will be changed. It would again be bid out so a highly skilled contractor could handle it.

  • Funding Source: China Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)/ China EXIM Bank/ Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA)/ North Rail Corporation
  • Cost of Project: Section 1 (Caloocan City – Malolos, Bulacan) US$602.42 million or Php 30,121.00 million
  • Project Duration of Train Line Phase 1: The anticipated date of completion is on July 2012. However, because of controversies on the North rail project, the cut-off date to finish the first phase was moved to 2013.

Pampanga’s Big Assets to Invade the Global Outsourcing Market

diosdado-macapagal-international-airportDiosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA)

DMIA is one of the largest aviation complexes in Asia. It has two runways in parallel configuration that can be expanded to four (4) kilometers to be able to cater to new wide-bodied airplanes. It boasts its modernamenities, navigational aids and lighting facilities.

Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ)

As a special economic zone, CFZ provides duly-registered ventures duty and tax incentives. Inside Clark, first-class infrastructures and state-of-the-art facilities can be found. Clark is a former American military base and up until now, it has managed to keep unyielding security amenities in and around its boundaries. The Philippine Air Force Base is also located in CFZ, this means that it adds support to Clark’s security facilities.

CFZ is also recognized for its capability to cater information and communication technology needs, specifically to the BPO industry.  Clark has satisfied the following essential requisites:clark-300x225

  • telecommunication facilities (with dual, redundant pipeline internet)
  • power facilities
  • transportation infrastructure
  • real estate
  • LGUs and community support
  • workforce availability

Looking at these assets Pampanga has to offer, it is undeniably a great place to put up a call center business. Once the North rail project is completed, the potential of these assets will be maximized and can make Pampanga the number one location for BPO ventures in the Philippines. Economic activities in Metro Manila will shift in Pampanga. The railway project will make this place very accessible and dependable not just to call centers but to most ventures and people.

Metro Manila is congested nowadays. Pampanga, with its assets and the North railway completed, can rule the competition of the outsourcing industry.

Pampanga Call Center Industry Growing North Rail Coming to Pampanga

business-process-outsourcing1Business  Process Outsourcing is probably one of the biggest industries in the Philippines nowadays. It is thriving and has become more attractive in many reasons that the foreign BPO investors are eager to invest more for company expansions. Most of the call center buildings can be found in Metro Manila but it seems congestion has taken the place appended with the rising labor cost.

Given the rising expenses and overcrowding in Manila, foreign BPO investors are now eyeing for next wave cities for their ventures. A joint study conducted by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) has revealed the 10 next wave cities for BPO industry. According to the researchers, the main factors in identifying these cities are workforce and the location’s suitability for hosting IT-BPO business.

10 Next Wave BPO Citiesphilippine-bpo-industry

  1. Davao City
  2. Sta. Rosa, Laguna
  3. Bacolod
  4. Iloilo
  5. Metro Cavite
  6. Lipa, Batangas
  7. Cagayan de Oro
  8. Malolos, Bulacan
  9. Baguio City
  10. Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

If you notice, Pampanga is not on the top list but there is no doubt that it is also one of the great venues for BPO business.

Why Pampanga is a Good Outsourcing Location?

Reason #1

Clark is located in Pampanga.


  • Clark is a special economic zone. This just means that duly-registered businesses that are located in Clark can enjoy tax and duty incentives, saving foreign BPO investors more money.
  • Ventures that choose to relocate in Clark are given “generous” tax breaks by the Philippine government.
  • The corporate income tax of businesses is equal to only 5% of their gross profits.
  • Clark has a territory of a total of 4,400 hectares main zone. (2,200 hectares for Diosdado Macapagal Airport) It has more than enough space to cater to additional businesses.
  • 4-8 year income tax holiday for qualified ventures
  • 100% foreign ownership and company control
  • security and excellent road and rail network within the Clark Freeport Zone
  • new building, state-of-the-art amenities, world-class infrastructure, prime location and E-Z global access
  • Clark is a former military base which managed to keep adamant security facilities in and around boundaries of the zone.
  • CFZ has 42 kilometers of concrete perimeter fencing
  • The Philippine Air Force Base is located in Clark. It grants further support to CFZ’s capacity to assure peace, security and safety which are paramount to any healthy workplace.

Reason #2

Pampanga offers high numbers of competent workforce.

Advantage: It is given that most Filipinos can speak and write excellent English. If a company employs high skilled and efficient workers, success is definitely on their way.

Reason #3

Pampanga has enough infrastructures to support BPO businesses. Inside Clark are several call center companies who employs tens of hundreds of workers around Angeles City, San Fernando, Mabalacat, Porac Pampanga and other nearby locations.


Foreign BPO investors have the confidence that Pampanga can cater to any facilities or amenities needed by a call center company.

Reason #4

Pampanga, compared to Manila, has lower labor costs. BPO investors tend to save money without the need of sacrificing quality labor.


Cost-effectiveness is the main reason why BPO investors are attracted to invest in the Philippines. Building or relocating a call center company in Pampanga will maximize the potential of every investment made.


Reason #5

It’s far from Manila’s congested scene.

Reason #6

Suitable IT-BPO hubs are all over Pampanga especially in Clark Freeport Zone. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) have recognized Clark Freeport Zone because of its competence to host information and communication technology matters, particularly to call centers. CFZ was given a score of 9.23 out of 10 since it satisfied the majority of essential requisites required by information and communication technology locator.

Such requirements are:

  • Incentives given
  • Vendor support
  • Telecommunication amenities (with dual, redundant pipeline internet)
  • Power and transportation infrastructure
  • Real estate
  • Local government units and society’s support
  • Availability of workforce vital for such industries to grow

These are the benefits foreign BPO investors can get in establishing their outsourcing business in Pampanga, specifically in Clark Freeport Zone.

World’s Best Country in Business English

The Philippines was recently named the world’s best country in business English proficiency. The report was released last April by GlobalEnglish Corporation’s Business English Index (BEI) which happens to be the only index that evaluates business English proficiency in a work environment. This merit just adds to the basis why it is more beneficial for investors to outsource in the Philippines.

The Philippines has definitely advanced into an international BPO leader where the most efficient and skilled workforce, cutting edge technology and infrastructure can be gained without the need for a huge investment cost. When it comes to business outsourcing, this country is, indeed, the ideal place to go.

Pampanga Call Center Industry Growing

For the last ten years, Pampanga’s economic development has been continuously growing on very fast pace. Even after a series of natural calamities like volcano eruption, major flash floods and volcanic ashes, burying almost every establishments; Pampanga locals (Kapampangans) kept their feet on the ground and have done the impossible to be one of the top provinces in the Philippines.

Call Centers in Pampanga

call-center-pampanga-300x197Today, Pampanga is already competing on an international level. Call centers sprouted like mushrooms for the past ten years and big companies around the world also wanted to outsource their business in Pampanga especially in Angeles City where most foreigners are living.

People are wondering why businessmen would even invest on a third world country such as Philippines. But for those who had the chance to visit the country particularly in Angeles City, they knew that they would their business would benefit through outsourcing.

Call Center in Clark Air Base

clark-300x225Clark Air Base is a former U.S. Air Force base on Luzon Island in the Philippines, now known as the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ). Inside the economic zone lies numbers of outsourcing companies from around the world. Industrial companies such as Nanox, Texas Instruments are outsourced in Clark as well. It nestles against the northwest side of Angeles City in the province of Pampanga, and is about 40 miles (60 km) northwest of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

List of BPO Companies in Pampanga

Aerospace Products International – Aerospace Products International is a leading aircraft parts distribution company serving the Asia Pacific region. Aerospace Products International also offers various call center operations.

AOL Member Services Philippines, Inc. – AOL offers proof of how quickly offshore service operations can be built. The giant U.S. online service provider set up just 20 workstations last year in the Clark Special Economic Zone in Angeles City.

Cyber City Teleservices, Ltd. – A a premier global leader in “CRM Services”, utilizing highly educated English speaking offshore personnel in conjunction with leading compression and switching technologies, resulting in superior management, labor and technology solutions.

Elcell – Elcell Philippines main office is located in Berthaphil I Compound, Clark Pampanga. Fastest way to get there is take a jeepney ride going to SM Clark, then take another jeepney going to Clark Freeport Zone. Alight on Jose Abad Santos, then take a 5-10 minute walk to Elcell Clark.

NCO – NCO Group is the industry leader in providing clients with successful business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Our outsourcing portfolio includes accounts receivable management, customer management services, and back office services for a diversified customer base. Since NCO’s inception in 1926, our goal has remained constant — to reduce client operating expenses, increase cash flow, and improve their customers’ experience.

iQor – One of the largest and fastest growing technology and services companies in the world. Iqor provides business process outsourcing solutions to some of the best known brands in the world across a comprehensive global footprint in the United States, Canada, China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Sutherland Global Services – Sutherland is ranked top 5 Call Center in the Philippines. It is a multi-national technology-enabled BPO services company providing integrated Platform-based and Analytics enabled business-cycle support solutions for major Industry Verticals and global industry leaders.

DICData Info Core is a competitive call center in Pampanga with high infrastructure. Own by Herny Watkinson, it is one of the rising call centers in Pampanga with cheap leasing seats but with high grade servers and computers that can compete with top business in the country.

Call Center Agents in Pampanga are Fluent in English

Call-Center-Agent-in-the-Philippines-300x198The Philippines, unlike India and China has been governed by the United States from 1899 to 1946. After the colonization of the Spaniards, Western cultures are very much accepted by the Filipinos. The after effects are so great that even until today, American’s influence taken so highly. Filipinos are very good in speaking language. The Americans thought them, unlike the Spanish who does not want Filipinos to learn their language, the Americans gave the Filipino people the right to study and help them govern their own country.

Pampanga is a Tourist Destination and an Ideal Place to Invest

tourist-in-pampanga-300x223Even after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the Philippines are one of the favorite travel spot for foreigners. Because of the beautiful islands, tourism soar and the budget for Philippine tourism was expanded to attract more visitors. This move by the government did not only attract tourists but investors from around the world as well. Big companies like intel, dell have decided to put up their business in the country.

Pampanga Continues to Attract Investors

pampanga-map-204x300Most Foreigners keep coming back to Angeles City because of its night clubs and series of bars with neon lights that attracts patrons like flies. Massage Parlors in Angeles City is also one of the best in South East Asia. Some of them even found a life partner and decided to stay for good and have a family. The government sees tourism as a way to increase the budget and to attract more visitors from other countries; series of projects are in line to make more investors consider the Philippines. Some of the projects are already progressing like road widening, express ways to neighbor provinces, expansion of colleges and the most awaited railroad that will connect islands for easy transportation.

Why Build Call Center in Pampanga than in Manila?

With the strong presence of the US, the Philippines had developed a government that is somewhat similar to the US system. This makes Western companies more comfortable in doing business in the Philippines. National Capital Region (NCR) has the biggest number of BPO companies in the country. Why so people consider putting up their business in Angeles City is not a mystery for those who know the benefits they could get if they start their business in the said city.