Angeles City Office Space for Le

The Location
Our office space is located at the hub of the commercial and business heart of Angeles City. It just a stone’s throw to SM Clark shopping center, in which the staffs and the management can dine, chill, watch movies and shop to the biggest mall in the city. The good thing about its location, it is very near to the famous former United States Air Force Base in the Philippines called “Clark Air Base” which is now named as Clark Freeport Zone. In which, there are numerous industrial companies, five-star hotels, leisure activities situated inside the freeport zone. Added to that, is the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport that caters domestic and international flights.

The Building

Last December 2011, the new state of the art building was just completed by using only the finest and strong materials in constructing it to lasts a lifetime. It is a two story building with spacious workstations, restrooms, conference rooms and a pantry with complete kitchen appliances. In regards with safety and security, the building is equipped with several CCTV security cameras installed around the building and with 24 hours on duty guard.

Ready to Work

We provide the finest computer equipment and facilities to operate your BPO business. The company provides the following for you.

  • Workstation – equipped with brand new management style chairs, computers, flat screened LCD monitor, headset and spacious space.
  • State of the art computers – Quad core i5 processors,8 MB L3 cache, DDR3-800/1066/1333 memory and DMI 2.5 GT/s.
  • IT Infrastructure – Juniper Enterprise Router (Full License) 1 Firewall, VoIP Servers, Webservers 3000 Mhz, up to 15 to 17 Quad Core Processors Database, 2 10MB PLDT lines,4 Vici predictive dialers.
  • Biometric Scanner – a new way of time tracking attendance for each employee.
  • Power Backup – equipped with 125 KW generator, that will supply electricity because of power interruption.
  • Admin Management – staffed with professional personnel in giving support and assistance to employees and to the business.
  • IT Support – always ready to provide assistance in terms of technical issues.

Angeles City or the City of Friendship is now evolving into a highly urbanized city, next to Manila. It is the culinary hub of the Philippines and one of the prime entertainment metropolises in the country. Due to its multi-national industries and top investment opportunities, local and foreign investors came to Angeles City and established different kinds of businesses such as hotels, resorts, malls, manufacturing companies, bars & clubs, restaurants and Business Process Outsourcing companies.

Investing in Business Process Outsourcing

If you are an investor planning to venture into BPO in the Philippines, the right thing to start your business is to seat lease. Seat leasing is the best choice for newbie in the telecommunication industry. You can save a lot in your operational costs without investing too much in infrastructure, furniture, computers, software and other equipments needed for the business. A seat leasing company will provides all the necessary equipments and office space you needed to operate your contact center.

Office Space for Lease

There are numerous seat leasing corporation located inAngeles City. However, choosing the excellent company to transact business with, might be hardest thing to do, because they are like mushrooms that grew in every corners of the city. You might be bothered what would be the greatest company to choose from among these various seat leasing companies.

Angeles City Office Space, Inc is an American owned Filipino corporation that provides services such as Seat Leasing, IT Outsourcing, Call Center Outsourcing and BPO Consulting with professional management that will help your company for smooth operation. The company has a widespread experience in call center services, web and software development, marketing list, IT, search engine optimization, data services and list management.

In regards with seat leasing, it offers two types which are the warm seat and cold seat. Warm Seat Lease has services in providing the workstation, equipments, recruiting and training of newly hired employees, payroll and other HR responsibilities. However in Cold Seat Lease, office space and equipment are the only services provided.