Call Center Lead Generation VS Internet Leads

A business does not only transact with consumers. It also sometimes transacts with other businesses. The collection of data and information regarding a potential client for a business deal is referred to as a B2B Lead.

Two Types of B2B Leads

1. Internet Leads

These used to be the only option when it comes to trading leads. These are also called online leads are generated through various methods. Common sources are mailing lists, opt-in box data, surveys.

2. Call Center Leads

These are also known as telemarketing leads and are described as the evolution of internet leads. These leads are obtained by a telemarketer through online conversations with consumers.

The Flaws Internet Leads

Unreliability is the biggest flaw of internet leads. This is because they are usually unverified and have chances to either contain the wrong information or not contain enough information. Many internet users do not like giving their personal information on the internet and hence practice the use of false information when filling up forms on websites. Many are also too lazy to bother providing detailed info. Hence, users of internet leads may end up contacting a person that has no interest in the product or service their company is selling. Or they might also end up trying to call someone who does not exist. Internet leads are also often non-exclusive which means those sold to you may also have been sold to your competitors. All these factors lead to a very low conversion rate.

Call Center Leads > Internet Leads

Call Center Leads generally cost more than internet leads by the added price is well worth the added value you will be receiving. First of all, they are reliable because call center agents have personally talked over the phone to the prospects to verify important information. Telemarketers are often even able to extract additional data such as income, dependents, financial position, etc. The more details contained in a lead, the higher its quality becomes. Telemarketing leads are also exclusive. The buying company is the one to provide the criteria which consumers need to meet before the agents can consider them good leads. Exclusive high quality leads will definitely give you a huge competitive advantage.

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