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The IT industry in the Philippines can be called a sleeping giant. There are many talented web developer and programmers in the country but not given any chance to enhance better or worse to even practice their profession in a more challenging environment.

BPO and IT Outsourcing in the Philippines

Good thing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is booming. The number of IT related companies from US, Europe and Australia managed to keep these dreams of young IT graduates going. Information Technology outsourcing helped not just those new graduates, but the unemployed which in this country are too many.

The number of IT related companies outsourced in the Philippines is continuously growing over the past 10 years. In fact, even big business such as MSN-Microsoft is outsourced here in the country. That being said, the number of graduates leaving the country also mitigated unlike before. Now they can work under big companies on their home country – the Philippines.

Some of the Top IT related companies outsourced to the Philippines:

  • Adobe Systems
  • AOL
  • Convergys
  • Dell Computer Support
  • Digital Information Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • InfoSys
  • Intel
  • Intuit
  • Motorolla
  • NEC Center
  • Oracle
  • Schlumberger
  • Siemens
  • Sykes
  • Syntel
  • Texas Instruments
  • Trend Micro
  • Wipro

Desktop Programmers in the Philippines

There are many great desktop programmers in the Philippines, but before we tackle this topic I would like to introduce to you what is the definition of desktop programming. Desktop programming is often misunderstood by many people. Desktop programming means creating software or a system that is intended for computers not on the internet like website and scripts.

Many Filipino desktop programmers made a name for themselves because of the uniqueness and depth of the program. But the most important factor in creating a desktop program or system is its usefulness, its significant functions that can make a business process automated or make the work easier and faster.

The Philippines is considered one of the most sought after country when it comes to outsourcing desktop programmers. They provide small and big business around the world dependent on the system that they are developing and profitable. The most common computer languages and tools used by Filipinos in desktop programming are the Following:

C Language and C++

C and C++ are probably considered the most common, easiest and reliable computer language in the world. Despite of their popularity only few can really create a desktop program that can effectively make the business fully dependent on the system and Filipinos are very good at this programming language.

Microsoft Access

This is a wonderful tool is package in Microsoft Office yet it can create a wonderful desktop program. Many small and medium sized businesses in the Philippines uses a develop system with MS Access. Not only it is easy to make forms in MS Access, databases can easily be integrated within the system. MS Access has a wizard that can make developing a system or software with ease. Its user can switch between manual database integration to MS SQL Server.




Java runs on almost every platform in the world and because of this Filipinos are mastering the art of programming using this tool. Majority of the banks from around the world has Java running on their banking system. MISYS is one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines that provide the best Java programmers in the world. Most of the best Java programmers in the world for banking systems are from the Philippines. Why Java is a powerful programming language because it can be run on many types of computer systems.  If the interpreter of this program is really good, it can be use whether windows, Macintosh or Linux systems which makes it a candidate for the best desktop programming language in the world.


Long before Filipino web developers and designers learned about  the use of the internet and its demand, desktop programming is in demand. In the Philippines, computer schools such as AMA, STI and Systems Plus teach students on how to make their own desktop programs. But that all changed when the demand for web designers reached high demands. This opportunity should not let be passed and so Web Designers is up on the streamline which we will tackle on the next paragraphs.

Filipino Web Designers

After the great demand of outsourcing companies for desktop programmers, web designers are up next. Some say Filipinos are born artists, and that they are really good in creating professional and jaw dropping websites.

I am not exaggerating when I mentioned jaw dropping because in reality many wordpress templates on the internet are made by Filipinos. And this attracted many outsourcing business that not only Indians are good in Web designing but Filipinos as well. A plus factor when hiring a Filipino to do your website is they are more diligent and the cost is much cheaper but the quality is next to none.

Most common Web Designing Tools By Filipinos

Adobe Systems – Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator are the most common used applications by Filipinos in creating a wonderfully crafted website. This tool and talent of Filipino web designers helped many businesses from around the world to get loyal customers and new visitors. Other web designers uses Corel Draw for their projects but still uses other Adobe applications because of the vast number of people that are more familiar with such applications.

Clean, professional websites by experienced Filipino Web Designers

The Philippines provide web designers that are world class artists and very good listeners. Even those working home-based are cannot be regarded as less talented because they can also deliver good quality projects to their clients and Filipinos are known to be very good home-based workers.

Web designers in Clark and Angeles City

Because of the large number of IT-related outsourcing companies in the Philipines some of them are located in regional parts of the country such as Angeles City. In Angeles where Business Process Outsourcing is soaring and considered the best place to outsource provides web designers that are world class and equally talented than those in business central hubs such as Makati.

In a short interview with a 21 year-old young PHP programmer of Data Info Core in Angeles City, Ramjie Paras. He mentioned that web designers, ASP and PHP programming are equally talented with those in Manila and Makati. Ramjie is responsible for the websites of Data Info core in terms of web design and database management.

PHP programmers in Angeles City and Clark and are talented that can compete in a world stage of web designing. We are much cheaper than those in Manila but we can deliver project just as good”, said Ramjie.

He also mentioned that what web designers are learning from their projects are also available to him so they are equally skilled in terms of creating clean and artistic websites.

Pampanga, Philippines – Becoming an Important Hub for IT outsourcing

Clark Special Economic Zone plays an important role that attracts outsourcing companies in the Philippines. Pampanga is rising on its own as the next stop to consider for outsourcing a business.

Many IT outsourcing companies are already in Clark Air Base, Angeles City and San Fernando Pampanga. Their number are less than those in the major business centers in Makati but IT outsourcing is still young in Pampanga but continuously growing every year. In fact, many investors and clients go straight in Angeles City to establish or outsource their business. If you are one of these aspiring businesses and wanted to have skilled web designers and programmers to work on your business, you might want to consider contacting Data Info Core.