Best Service Roles To Outsource

Over the recent years, outsourcing has moved away from its beginnings of traditional voice only related jobs. Now, changes brought about by the changing conditions of a fast-paced business environment has led to a seismic shift on how we perceive outsourcing services. Countless jobs, whether or not they are in a specialized field of expertise are being outsourced to BPO companies located outside the United States.

Moreover, the skyrocketing cost of doing business has pushed companies to outsource both essential  and non-essential services to BPO companies to stay ahead of their competitors and maintain profitability. Now that outsourcing is popular as ever, here are the jobs that are in high demand. 

Virtual Assistants 

They offer administrative support to a business in its day-to-day operations. They are versatile when it comes to handling task such as taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, organizing meetings and emails to name a few. Virtual assistants is a general term for a plethora of roles such as an executive assistant other administrative assistant roles. Moreover, they can be given responsibility with a variety of task like maintaining social media accounts and managing e-commerce websites.  


Typically catering to small and mid-sized businesses. Bookkeepers are an integral part of a finance team. They are responsible for maintaining the financial records of a business in a proper and organized manner. Their responsibilities includes balancing accounts, managing financial statements, organizing invoices, receiving payments of outstanding invoices and working with tax specialists and CPA’s in preparation for tax payments.

Graphic Designers

We are living in a world of both physical and digital. In the physical world, a tangible product reigns supreme. However, how could you sell your product if you can’t market it properly in the digital world. Graphic designers are one of the key components of making successful digital marketing venture. They are responsible for the production of digital art for brand advertisements.

Tax Specialists

Tax specialists are licensed accountants or lawyers that have a specialization in taxation to help prepare and files taxes. Levying taxation is the backbone of the governments income stream. Since each state has different taxation laws on top of federal taxes. The demand for businesses to hire an affordable tax specialists will always be present. Hiring an off-shore tax specialist has its benefits such as the ability to be flexible on the continuous changing tax laws and them pay on a cheaper rate rather than hiring an onshore specialist. Their importance of a tax specialist in a business is highlighted when there is a change of policies as a result of political whims. 


Drafters have technical expertise in using CAD to plan and design with engineering and manufacturing processes in mind. Drafters are a critical part of engineering and architectural teams. They help alleviate backend tasks so that professionals can focus in their core competencies. 

IT and Developer Solutions

Going back to the roots of Outsourcing, IT solutions is one of the original services offerings. The demand to outsource IT experts has never wavered throughout the years. The need for software experts is also on the rise as we head on to another age of technological change such as the introduction of cloud computing and the development of blockchain technology. We are seeing a drastic increase in demand to outsource IT specialists. 

The Bottom Line

The outsourcing phenomenon has change the conduct of businesses. As multiple industries scramble to get in on the action of making a profit by saving cost through utilizing outsourcing solutions. BPO companies are always ready to meet the challenges their clients would face. As the roles discussed previously, they are nothing but the tip of an iceberg of roles and responsibilities that outsourcing solutions can service to every type of business you can think of.